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Friday, October 29, 2010

First Anniversary!

Our first anniversary was on October 24, 2010. This year it was a Sunday, so we did most of our celebrating over the weekend. We both were able to get work off on Friday. We had so much fun! We went to the temple and did sealings, which was amazing experience! Then we went to a Halloween party that Rich and Leesie were having. It was a blast! On Saturday we both have a class in the morning so we got all our stuff together and after class we headed up to Park City! We had so much fun, despite the cold rain we encountered. We were able to check into our hotel really early, we stayed at Park City Peaks Hotel. It was pretty nice, we enjoyed it! This is just a picture I got from their website.After we got all check in we decided to drive around and explore the town. We ended up walking up and down Main Street. It is the cutest street ever we went and looked at tons of the shops and galleries. Luckily for us it had stopped raining for us, but soon as we got in the car to go somewhere else the rain started up again. Here is a picture of Main Street from the car, see how wet and rainy it is! We drove around the city looking at all the places to eat and finally decided on a place called Zoom. It was really good and pretty expensive, but hey its our anniversary we can splurge :) It was really yummy! I had a pork tenderloin with a pistachio mole (sp?) and Kyle and some BBQ ribs! After dinner we couldn't think of anything else to do around town so we just went back to the hotel and spent the rest of our evening there.

The next day we drove home. It was a really relaxed day. We made a biscuits and gravy for brunch, one of our favorites! I decided i wanted to make some homemade french bread to eat with this amazing bottle of balsamic vinegar Kyle bought in Park City. It had been aged for 10 years. It was so good, it had a really sweet taste. It was awesome with the bread i made! I was very happy with how it turned out!
After dinner we decided to pull out our cake from our wedding. My mom had saved the top layer and froze it for us. I was so excited because it looked so pretty still! And you know what?! It still tasted pretty good! Not as moist, but taste was still great. Here is a picture of it along with the beautiful flowers Kyle got me!
I'm so lucky that I have Kyle. He fills my life with so much joy and meaning. I know its cheesy and mushy, but he is my whole life and I love him with all my heart and soul! Thank you sweetie for a wonderful year of marriage! I am so excited to spend the rest of my forever with you by my side!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Updates and such...

I'm having a hard time keeping up with this blogging stuff. I read everyone elses, but I don't write nearly as often as I should. So this post might seem somewhat odd.

Kyle and I have been married for a year on the 24th of this month! Its really crazy how time flys. Our anniversary falls on a Sunday this year so we decided to take Friday off work and head up to Park City for the weekend. The only sucky part is we have school on Saturday morning, boooo school you ruin my plans! Its ok though, we will have all Friday to do what ever we want! I'll make sure do a post after our little trip. :)

Oh lovely Sunday afternoon Kyle and I decided to go and take some fall pictures with all the pretty leaves! It turned into more of a Michelle photo shoot then anything. I only got a couple pics of Kyle. Here are a couple of the pics. The top two are straight from the camera and the bottom two are ones I edited.

If any of you didn't know I am back to school this semester. I am only taking 2 classes right now. I still work full time so sometimes its crazy. I'm taking Biology 1010 and Humanies. Can I just say that humanites is retarded! Not the class or the material exactly, but my teacher is so lame and boring! He thinks he's an English teacher, but isn't! He says I use "!" to much when I write about something I'm passionate about. I think for my next paper I will make it as boring as possible to please him. He bothers me!!!!!!!

My brother Craig made Allstate choir! I went up with my mom, dad, and bro Scott to watch his concert! It was really good, we had alot of fun while we were up there. I liked going with Scott, we walked around temple square before and he told me about all sorts of stuff I didn't know. I was fun!
So this last Sunday was kind of a rough day for me. I was extra emotional/hormonal because it was "my T.O.M." The day was full of tears, pain, and even some anger. In RS I usually sit alone and try to keep to myself, but I was feeling a bit outgoing and decided to ask this girl if I could sit next to her. She said yes, so I sat down. Not 3 minutes later she got up and said I'm going to go sit by my friend. She moved, leaving me alone. Now normally this kind of thing wouldn't upset me at all, but i was bothered. After church I told Kyle about it and started crying. I mean who does that?! I felt retarded, cuz I couldn't stop for a long time. My sweetie Kyle helped cheer me up and let me get it all out.

Later in the day Kyle helped my make dinner. We made homemade pretzels, steak, and mashed potatoes. So good! When I was taking the pretzels out of the oven I burned my arm on the pan! Man it hurt so bad I yelled and called myself a retard! 2nd degree burn, booo! Kyle being the sweetheart he is ended up finishing the rest of the food while i cried and iced my arm. I really do have the best husband, he makes me feel so much better and knows just what I need.