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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Night Out

Saturday was one great day! My wonderful husband treated me to a wonderful night out! When he got home from school we decided to go to the Springville Art Museum for some extra credit in Kyle's art class. It was fun going to the museum, I haven't been there in a long time. He had to write a review on one of the exhibits. Most were closed, or being redone, but we found one called Hard Times, An Artist's View. Really cool, if anyone wants to go see it.

Once we got home and got his paper all done, I asked what he wanted to do tonight. He said he had a couple ideas already. He told me to go get something pretty on and we would go out to dinner! He's so sweet! He took me to Olive Garden for dinner. It was Orem High School's prom as well, so we had to wait a while, but that didn't matter, we enjoyed looking at all the kids at prom and how dorky some of them were. Dinner was just wonderful! Nothing like Italian food to start off a wonderful evening. After dinner we decided to go see a movie because Kyle had some free tickets from work. We went and saw How to Train Your Dragon. Super cute movie! We loved it in 3D. Good movie for kids and adults!

I know this post may seem like I'm just blurting this all out, so sorry if it is unorganized. I just wanted to say how much I love my wonderful husband! He makes every day special and worth while! I'm so lucky to have him!

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  1. Aw, that sounds like so much fun! And don't worry, it's your blog and you can write about whatever you want! I say it's mostly for you anyways :) you'll look back through your blog one day and go "oh yeah, I forgot about that! That was so fun!" I love to read your blog :) Love you!