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Thursday, May 12, 2011

21 Baby!!!

I'm 21, ya its pretty cool.

My birthday was this past Saturday May 14th! I love birthdays! I had an awesome birthday weekend. Judy came and picked Kyle and me up in the morning and we headed up to Salt Lake to the Orson Gygi store. I was so excited! For anyone who doesn't know, I love to cook! Orson Gygi is a way cool cooking/kitchen supply store. Kyle and his mom chipped in and gave me some money to spend on anything I wanted in the store! I got an awesome pizza stone, pasta attachment for my kitchen aid, a sushi mat, an awesome Italian cookbook, and some various other kitchen utensils! I was so excited and we all had a ton of fun!

We went for lunch at Tony Caputos in SLC. It was pretty good, but the really cool thing they have there is an Italian market. Kyle was so in love! He bought some Parmesan that had been aged for 5 years... cost way to much haha! We also got some speck (a prosciutto ham) very good. It'll be fun to use those with the fun things I got earlier.

Kyle also took me to get my nails done, I haven't had them done since our wedding. They are way cute too! I love them :) Later that evening we went up to a wedding in Alpine for one of our friends. It was so nice, we were so happy to see them get married :)

Last Thursday I got to go celebrate a triple birthday with a couple of my friends. My friends Taylor and Brandy both have birthdays around mine. We've been celebrating together for years! So we decided to go out to dinner this year at Red Robin. It was so much fun! It was nice to have a girls night just for us!

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