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Monday, August 9, 2010

B7 Roommate Date!

Snow College '08-'09 I had the best roomies ever! We lived in Snow Gardens Apt B7! I love every one of those girls! Melissa, Heather, Kallie, Kelsey S., and Kelsey N. These girls are pretty much sisters to me! Love them to death!

We all had been talking about going on a roommate date reunion for a while now and we finally got it done! On saturday we all met up at my house in Springville played some games till everyone got there and then headed up the canyon and found a nice place to have a fire. It was so much fun having everyone together again, (minus Kelsey N. she wasn't able to make it.) It was really good just to catch up with everyone. I havn't seen most of them since my wedding, and even a couple since before!

It was so much fun! I'm glad we all can get back together and talk like we have never been apart. Love love love these girls!! Can't wait to see them all again! Hopefully next time we will have dearest Kelsey there as well.

Here's to all the great times we had!!!! Love you all!
Left to right: Melissa, Me, Kallie, Kelsey S., Kelsey N., Heather

Halloween 2008 the crayon group :)

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  1. You had so much fun living with these girls! I must say that you pretty much hit the roommate jackpot! So Lucky!