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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend!

Kyle is so crazy and spontaneous! He decided on Friday that we were going to take a fishing trip with Krissy up to Maple Lake. We got up there pretty quick after work and set up camp. This is Krissy's first real fishing experience! Oh what fun we had! I think we caught about 16 fish between all of us! It was a blast! We had a fire and roasted some hot dogs and attempted to roast one of our fish on the roasting stick, but it failed and fell in the fire. Good thing I brought hot dogs! The next morning we got up early for some good fishing! We kept 6 really good sized fish. We cooked them on Sunday at the Olsen's for lunch! Yummy! Then we hopped on over to my parents house and ate a very good lasagna dinner! Oh so much food!!!

My friend Brent got home from his mission last week! He had a fun BBQ Saturday night that we went to. It was really fun to see him! He's the same great Brent he always was. We also saw Tyler Nelson at the party which was pretty sweet, he also got home last week! Oh man its so fun to see all my friends coming home!! Welcome home guys!!!

Trevor comes home August 19th! That will be so cool! Can't wait!

Kyle and I went running for the first time in forever last night! It wasn't to bad, but man my stomach did not want to do those sprint exercises. haha.

Have a great day, live life to the fullest, and love like there is no tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! I didn't know Tyler was home!!!! Crazy!

  2. Tyler is home to :) Really? sweet! wow! soon all the boys will be back. How are you michelle? Your pics from your wedding are beautiful. Im starting to blog again. We can be blogging buddies. Miss having you as a neighbor at snow. well hope your doing well!

  3. Ya Tyler is home. Its so crazy! His homecomin is on sunday. We can be awesome blogging buddies! I'm not very good at it, but its kinda fun :) I miss haveing you as a neighbor as well! Oh man!