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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend

Fathers day weekend was so busy, but so much fun! We got to go to 2 different family reunions. One with Kyle's family up at Palisades and the other was with my family in Nephi Canyon where the old KOA is. We had a blast! We got to try out our new tent we just bought. The weather cooperated with us for most of the time. It rained a little at Palisades, but not much that it stopped us from having fun. We had a bit of trouble with our air mattress. We have 2 twin mattresses, one of which doesn't stay inflated very well. So we turned them sideways and slept on both. We had Kyle's parents pick us up a queen at Walmart in Ephraim on their way up and guess what happened!? It deflated that night too! Cursed defective mattress! The next day we packed up and headed to my families reunion stopping at Walmart to exchange the mattress. Luckily it worked great! It was fun to be at the old KOA again, it has been so long since we've camped there! It warmed up enough for us all to go swimming for a bit! It was fun to be outside with everyone having a blast! That night was awful sleeping conditions, well for me anyway! The mattress did stay up, so that's a plus. But it rained and blew so hard I couldn't hardly sleep all night!!! We'll just say it was a very sleep deprived weekend for me. Despite the sleepless nights we had a wonderful time with both families! I wish we had the chance to go camping with family more, I just love it!

I wish I had used my camera while we were up there, I hate going somewhere and not taking any pics. I would have used my phone, but it died early on. I think I got a pic of a pretty sunset the first night, but that's it.

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