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Friday, August 5, 2011


I finally had my surgery on the 27th. It wasn't anything big, but it still sucks! I had a lateral ligament reconstruction (I think that's what its called) in my left ankle. Now I've got a big ol' purple cast on my leg! I've got to wear the cast for 2 weeks and then they are putting me in a boot hopefully and not back in a cast! I hate the cast! It itches and is so heavy! I had a week off work and now I'm back :S It was nice to have a break and be taken care of by my sweet family. Here are a couple pictures from the surgery.

Ready to go! Here is the after with my big ol' cast!

One fun thing about casts is that people sign it which is fun :)

On another note my face is slowly starting to get some movement into it!! The day of my surgery I could raise my eyebrow and shut my eye(if I really scrunched it)!! So the end is in site! Thanks to everyone who has visited me and giving me love the past while! It means so much to me!

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