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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

18 & 19 Weeks

Here is me at 18 weeks.
We were able to have our ultrasound on May 31st.  We had the opportunity to see our little baby and make sure everything was developing as it should.  My favorite part about the ultrasound?!  Finding out that we are having a little GIRL!!!  Baby girl is growing perfectly, but she is a little small for my first due date of Oct. 14th so they moved us back to Oct. 25th!  That is the day after our anniversary!  Crazy stuff! 

We had a fun gender reveal party with family and some close friends!  We had it at our church pavilion.  When the time came to tell everyone Kyle and I had an Elmo pinata already stuffed with pink candy that we had people take turns to whack!  It only took a few hits before my dad got up and cracked it open!  Everyone is so excited to meet baby girl Olsen! 
Me at 19 weeks
It's a GIRL!!! First gender specific gift from Grandma Applegate :)
Very excited parents!

I did have my mom get a video of them breaking open the pinata, I'll have to upload that when I get the chance :)

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