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Friday, June 29, 2012

21 and 23 week pics

Me at 21 Weeks.  This pic is not very good and I think it makes me look bigger then my 23 week pic, but I have been having some more morning sickness lately so that my be a contributing factor.
This is me and my wonderful friend Cheryl :)  We were able to celebrate her baby to be last week with a fun baby shower!  I'm about 21 weeks in this picture.  Cheryl is due in July, i'm so excited for us to have babies so close together!  Alisha hosted the showe and made just darling :)  We decorated onsies which turned out way cute!  This one below is the one I did.  Both of these pictures came from Alisha's blog.
 This is me today at 23 weeks.  I'm really enjoying feeling baby girl's movements.  Its very reasurring to have her let me know she's doing alright.  Just the other day she even let Kyle feel her with a couple good kicks.  He was so excited!  I've got my monthly appointment with Dr. Nance today and we should have the full results of our ultrasound. 

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