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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hack-Childress Wedding

On October 19th, 2013 my beautiful sweet Bethany married her true love Jordan!  It was a small intimate ceremony at White Willow reception center!  I love this place, it is so beautiful and classy.  It has an old time charm to it that I absolutely love! 

The weather stayed awesome for them to have an outdoor wedding in the evening.  I am so glad I was able to be there with Kyle watching them take vows to love and cherish for their whole lives! Every time I get he change to attend a wedding I think back to that wonderful time 4 years ago when I said 'Yes' to my handsome hubby! It was fun watching how calm and steady Jordan seemed as he looked into Bethany's eyes.  Bethany started out looking nervous, but as the ceremony progressed you could see the calm come over her and you could see the love shared between the two of them!  I absolutely loved the fact Bethany's father was there and able to walk her down the isle, it made me tear up to see him give her to Jordan at the beginning.  After all was said and done we all gathered inside for a lovely evening of yummy food, laughter, dancing, and lots of toasts! 

Congrats Bethany and Jordan!  I am so glad you two have decided to take this next step in your relationship!  Marriage is amazing and as you grow together you will find that the other is truly your other half! 

Here is the picture montage I put together to celebrate their marriage!  I have come to the conclusion that they will have beautiful children :)  Enjoy!
I can't figure out how to insert it, so here is the link!

Yep, I love them :)


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  1. I loved seeing all the fun growing-up pics of these two beautiful people!! Thanks for posting.