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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kaitlin & Wayne

Photo taken by Michelle Kemp (She's awesome and also took my wedding pics too)
So happy to welcome another member of the Olsen clan into the family!  Kaitlin and Wayne sealed the deal on June 25th and I am so excited for them!  Marriage is awesome and I'm so excited to keep expanding the family!  I loved being able to attend their sealing in the Mt. Timpanogos temple.  It really brought back a flood of memories from my own wedding day!  I love going any chance I get, It helps me remember the covenants I made that day.  Here are some pics I took of their special day :)
So excited to be married! 
Reagan wanted to eat her flowers!
 My little family enjoying the reception!  They had it in
Steve and Lanette's back yard, it all turned out so beautiful!  The whole day was just perfect for them!  I was so glad the weather stayed nice and that everything went so smoothly for them!  It's so exciting to celebrate as two become one in marriage :) 

 With the parental units!  Funny story.  Wayne's father and my father served as
mission companions in Montreal Canada!  It is a small world!
Aw, father-daughter dance!
Congrats you guys!  We are all so excited that you guys made the choice to get married! 
Best wishes for an eternity of love!

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