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Monday, November 18, 2013

Reagan's 1st Birthday!

My little buggy is one year old!  It's so crazy to think that we've had her for a whole year!  This little girl has completely changed my life!  I can't imagine a day without her.  She brings pure joy to our family and we are so grateful that God sent her to us at this point in our lives :)

So for Reagan's birthday we had a busy day planned!  My friend Bethany was getting married that evening and we had Reagan's party scheduled for Sunday evening.  So the sweet little darling that she is was so incredibly good for me all day!  I was able to get the house cleaned and decorated with only a few Reagan messes to clean up at the end!  Then Rea and I went for a walk around the block.  Now we didn't take the stroller because she wanted to walk all by herself. 
She even had fun chasing a little doggie around a cul-de-sac at one point!  I was just so impressed by how well she is walking and interacting! After our walk we met my mom at the grocery store to pick out some candy to decorate her birthday cake with.  My mom was so sweet and offered to make it because I just didn't have time to do it myself.  While at the store I bought Reagan an ice cream cone to celebrate how awesome she is!  This girl loves her ice cream!

I was really hoping to find some time to go see Trevor and Krista's new baby, born the day before Reagan's birthday, but things got hectic and I didn't make it.  Luckily I got over on Sunday to see him!  He's so handsome!

Baby Lex
So because we were going to Bethy's wedding that evening we'd arranged for my mom to watch her along with cousin Evie!  I kind of felt bad not spending the evening with her on her birthday, but I felt better after mom told me how much fun the girls had together :)  Their first real PJ party ;) 

On Sunday we had the family over to celebrate with us!  My mom made a darling butterfly cake that Reagan loved mushing!  She got lots of awesome gifts and enjoyed everyone singing to her! Thanks to everyone who was able to come and make her birthday so special!  It really means a lot to us to see how many people love our little girl so much!  Thank you!

 Kyle and I got her a little bike!  She likes it more then we though she would!

 Enjoying her cake!
 Cousins on the Applegate side! 

 She loves to open presents!
Princess Reagan!
Here are a few of the pictures my sister took of Reagan for her 1st Birthday!

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  1. Love it! I love to see how much she's grown up in just one year- it's crazy! So glad we have all these cute cousing pics :)